Breakthrough Remote Assistance App Now Available for iPhone and iPad

PTC announced a brand-new way to communicate and help others with the new Vuforia Chalk augmented reality app.

Vuforia Chalk delivers a ground-breaking communication experience enabled by the Vuforia AR Platform and Apple’s ARKit technology that was introduced with iOS11. It allows people in different locations to share a live view of the same environment, and draw simple annotations called Chalk Marks. Chalk Marks appear anchored to objects and surfaces in the environment, as if drawn on the objects and surfaces themselves.

Today, remote assistance can be frustrating and cumbersome. People struggle for words to describe things that are unfamiliar, whether it be a new appliance or the back of a cable box. And when the problem can’t be described clearly, it becomes almost impossible for someone else to solve. Vuforia Chalk provides a simple and intuitive solution where people can now use Chalk Marks to get a common understanding of a problem, and the steps required to solve it.

The Vuforia Chalk app for iPhone and iPad can be used for a wide variety of tasks by people of all ages. For example, technology enthusiasts can help friends and family with the latest gadgets. Do-it-your-selfers can get assistance from each other or a professional. Families with aging members can provide guidance for everyday tasks that can become challenging. Vuforia Chalk can also be used by businesses to increase the effectiveness of field technicians.

“Vuforia Chalk represents one of the most practical uses of AR technology to date. It has the potential to improve our personal and professional lives – initially by helping each other,” said Jay Wright, President, Vuforia at PTC.

The Vuforia Chalk app for iPhone and iPad* is available for free on the App Store. It is expected to be available for additional handheld and headworn devices supported by the Vuforia AR platform.

The Vuforia Chalk app is available on iPhone 6s or later or iPad Pro from 2015 or later including the 5th generation of iPad; all devices must be running iOS 11.